Python can't find __main__

Describes the cause and action for error messages.

Error Message(English):
can't find __main__



sublime text2 python error message /usr/bin/python: can't find ...・・・

Pycharm gets error "can't find '__main__' module"

python3: can't find '__main__' module in ''

Can't run zip file: “can't find '__main__' module”

'__main__' module in '' with python package・・・

実行 main関数 - sublime text2 pythonエラーメッセージ/ usr / bin / python ...

Python interpreter can't find __main__ module ・ Issue #9 ・ wakatime ...

[ubuntu] inkcut error message please help /usr/bin/python: can't ...

Catkin fails on osx 10.9, can't find '__main__' module in empy-3.1 ...・・・

Problem in Nifi-MiNifi Flow -- /usr/bin/python: can't find ...・・・


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